Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vullava Charu

Andhra famous rasam . vullava charu . very tasty and costly dish


1 cup vulluvallu,
lemon size tamarind,
4 green chillys,
one onion,
1 spoon jeera,
1 spoon mustard seeds,
3 red chillys,
1 spoon samber powder,
corinader leaves
4 spoons oil,
salt as required.

making of vullava charu

cook ulluvallu in a presure ccoker add. 4 cups water after three whistles turn of the stove take another pan add oil and jeera,mustard seed and red chillys and add green chillys and chopped onion curry leaves and corinder.after 5 mints add tamrind water and allow for 5 mints and add the drain water from the cooked vulluvallu and take small amount of vullvallu which are cooked and grind to paste allow it to boil and add samber powder for flavour and turn off the flame.

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