Friday, July 4, 2008


This is very tasty dish ...


1/2 kg . black gram dal
1 kg . yogurt (curd)
1/2 kg . vegetable oil

for seasoning

6 red chillies
1spoon. urad daal
1/2 mustard seeds
1/2 cumin

curry leaves few
coriander leaves few

Salt for taste

Making of curd vada

Soak urad daal in water for one hou r Beat the curd,and put in a wide open dish Fry all the popu items and mix in the curd Add salt to it. Keep aside.Grind urad daal like paste.Add little salt for taste. It should be thick paste. Take out from the grinder and keep in a plate.
Put frying pan on a low heat and pour oil into it. Take a bowl and pour water half of the bowl, keep aside. both the palms, take lemon size urad daal paste,make a ball and put on the left palm,wet right palm again, press the ball on the left palm and make a hole in the center, wet right palm again and slip the gari(vada/donut)from left palm and drop slowly into the heated oil. Wetting the palms are very important to do the vadas two minutes turn other side of the vadas When they become brownish color, take them out and drop into water bowl. Then start making another set of vadas drop into the oil. In the meantime take the vada from the water, which you can feel heavy(due to soaking in water),squeeze them and drop into the curd. Make 6-8 vadas one time.DO all vadas like that.All vadas should be covered with curd.At last sprinkle coriandar leaves(first cut into pieces) on the top of curd vadas

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