Tuesday, July 1, 2008



This is traditional for all pongals..good for health , easy preparation , o.k.. let us start the dish..


1/2 k.g Urad dal
5 Green chillies
1 big Onioin finely chopped
1 tbsp small pieces of ginger
Salt - According to taste
oil to fry

Making of vada...

Soak Urad dal in water for atleast 2 t0 3 hours.Then drain water and grind the dal adding some salt(Dont use water while grinding). The dough must not be too much smooth. Then mix finely chopped onioins, chillies ginger pieces and jeera to the dough. Then make the dough into the the shape of vada andy fry them in oil. that's all .. served with seesame chutny ,,,or any other chutneys...

seesame chutny is super combination.

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