Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ingrediants :-

Kabuli Chena 1 Cup

Onions 4 big

Tomatoes 3 big

Ginger small piece

Tamarind lemon size

Garlic 8 flacks

Jaggary 1 tbs.

Salt To taste

Oil 3 spoons

Geen Chilies 2

Cardomon 3

Cloves 3

Cut Coriander leaves to garnish


Soak Chena for 8 hours wash well and cook for 20 min. Grind onions,cardamom cloves ginger.. Remove skin from the tomatoes and grind them separately. Heet oil or ghee in a pan add cumin seeds after few seconds add masala paste to it and fry till the ghee separates from it. Add tomoto paste to it and keep sturring for some time and till the moisture is completely absorbed ad salt and chilly powder along with green chilly. Add tamarind extract, jaggary and boiled chenna with that water. Cook until the gravy is thick enough to serve.

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