Thursday, July 10, 2008


This curry use with roti, chapathis, rice , very tasty ...

Ingrediants .
Aloo 1/2 k.g
tomatoes 4
onions 4
salt to taste
oil 2 spoons
butter 1 /2 spoon

Grind together ...

Red chillis 5
jeera 1 i/2 spoon
Dhania 1 spoon
Garlic 10 flakes

Making of sukka ..

Boil Aloo in cooker ,peel and smash coarsely ,slice onions thinly , chop tomatoes finely Heat oiin a pan season with jeera and curry leaves , add onions and fry till it becomes transperent , Add tomatoes and fry for few more minutes , add ground mixture , salt and sugar stir until raw flavour is lost. add Aloo and fry well , No need to add water , This is a dry curry , which can be served with Pulkas , roti and chapathis and rice also..

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