Friday, July 4, 2008


It's very delicious chutny .. combination with rice all dosas


capsicum 3
tamarind juice 3 spoons
garlic flakes 6
ginger chopped pieces few
turmeric 1/4 spoon
jeera 1/4 spoon
green chillis 4
fenugreek seeds (mentulu) 1/4 spoon
seesame seeds 3 spoons
mustered seeds 1/ spoon
black gram dal 1 spoon
onions grated 3 spoons
coriander leaves few
pudina chopped few
oil for seasoning

Making of chutny

heat oil 2 spoons in apan add ginger ,green chillis fry well, add seesame seeds ,again fry , after 1 minute add capsicum pieces ,fry half boiled ,add onion (grated) add coriander leaves, add pudina , add turmeric , tamarind juice ,add required salt mix well remove the flame after cooling grind mixer after that seasoning jeera , mustered seeds , fenugreek seeds , blackgram dal . that'all

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